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Lamazani’s Story

Charcoal Barbecue Grill

Lamazani Journey

Years ago, a young chef with passion for BBQ thought of making his dream come True after years of hard working as a baker. He launched his first Lamazani restaurant in 1992 In Doha – Al Ghanim.


Shortly the pure taste of Persian BBQ was finding its lovers with their reasonable price. After few years Lamazani has found its home In Qatar, with perfecting the art of seasoning meat to add extra taste to its BBQ.

The Authentic
Persian Taste

Have you ever wondered what makes Lamazani BBQ  deliciously flavorful? 
Well, we will share with you one of the tricks.  The most important element in making Persian BBQ is the marinade and how we cut the meat. Lamazani team usually marinade meats overnight and the cuts plays important factor to Ensure the meat is well-cooked during grill.

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